Kids Are In Danger from New Drug: Strawberry Quick

Published: 07th May 2010
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In 2005 no one had even heard of a drug called "cheese". So new was this new drug that not even a school police officer had heard of it and nobody believed it was real. But today, everyone realizes that cheese is a real threat to our children, especially since 21 kids have died from a cheese overdose.

Cheese is derived from an old drug that is making a comeback on our streets and has found its way into our schools where it is killing our children. This old drug is heroin and cheese is its new name.

Cheese is a cheap and highly addictive drug that is sold to our children as a "recreational drug". Cheese is made by combining black tar heroin and crushed tablets of certain over-the-counter common cold medication. Cheese heroin can be purchased for as little as $1 to $2 which makes it affordable for kids. This dangerous new drug is being used by children as young as 12 years of age.

Cheese lets us know that drug dealers are getting creative with their market strategies. Black tar heroin is cooked with a spoon, mixed with a liquid and injected. But not many kids are fond of needles so heroin dealers invented cheese as an alternative to lure our kids to use the drug.

Cheese creates a euphoric high and causes the user to hallucinate. It causes heart and respiratory failure and can lead to death. Since cheese is a combination of depressants, after snorting cheese the user may simply lie down, fall asleep and never wake up, therefore, the greatest risk of using cheese is death from an overdose.

Withdrawal symptoms from cheese may begin within twelve hours of using the drug. If the user survives, cheese causes the user to get drowsy and lethargic, causing euphoria, disorientation and sleepiness.

Dealing drugs is big business and drug dealers are getting craftier when it comes to selling their product. Dealers of other drugs have been taking notes from these creative new heroin dealers and now there is a new drug called "Strawberry Quick" and like cheese, it is becoming very popular among school-aged kids.

Strawberry Quick is methamphetamine formulated for kids. Dealers mix Meth with Strawberry Kool-Aid to make it look more appealing and taste better. The drug even smells like strawberries and looks just like pop rocks (the candy that sizzles and 'pops' in your mouth). It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange.

Sadly, many kids will ingest Strawberry Quick thinking that it is candy and will end up in the ER. But we can make a difference by communicating the dangers of drug use to our children. Not talking about drugs to your children is by no means a guarantee that they will not get involved in using them. Here are some things you can do:

Educate - Use every available option to educate your children and yourself about drugs and addiction. Go online, visit the library and get information from drug treatment centers as well as neighborhood churches that have drug outreach ministries. Know the signs, symptoms and behavior of drug use.

Observe - Take note of your child's behavior and habits. If there is a sudden drop in grades, a sudden loss of interest in activities or a sudden change of friends your child may have a drug problem and you should act immediately.

Be creative and offer alternatives - See to it that your children do not have too much idle time; don't just leave your children to themselves. Many times children become involved with drugs because of a lack of family activities. Get involved in their school activities and have regular family outings.

Drug dealers are stepping up their efforts to target your kids and build their clientele. As parents, you should make as much of an effort to keep them safe from drugs.

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